Audible Clock

Turn your Alexa device into any one of a variety of audible clocks

Featured Clocks

Holiday Clock

This special clock changes with the season.

As the fall brings longer nights and shadows, expect some spooky fun with this Halloween treat. A surprising -- and sometimes scary! -- sound plays every quarter hour while a ghoulish gong rings in each hour.

The perfect clock for a Halloween party.

Mantle Clock

This traditional old mantle clock plays the Westminster chimes to ring in each quarter hour.

Subtle, musical, calming... like good friend.

Ship's Bell

Turn Alexa into a ship’s bell. A ship’s bell starts at one bell and counts up every half hour to eight bells.

The use of bells to mark the time at sea started as early as the 15th century. A ship’s bell tracks the "watches" on board a ship. A new watch starts at noon, 4 pm, 8 pm, midnight, 4 am, and 8 am. The end of one watch and start of the next watch is marked by the bell being struck eight times.

"Eight bells and all's well."