Audible Clock

Turn your Alexa device into any one of a variety of audible clocks

Featured Clocks

New! Check out the "Can I (re)start a clock with an Alexa Routine?" section of our FAQ for a great tip on how to keep your Alexa ticking.

Bird Song

Keep track of the time, hear beautiful bird songs, and drive your cats crazy with this premium clock. Based on our popular Bird Song skill, this talking clock announces the time with a beautiful bird song at the top of each hour.

Visit to learn more about these wonderful bird songs and who recorded them.

Cuckoo Clock

No list of audible clocks would be complete without this fan favorite.

We present to you the fun, the irreverent, the classic (if not classy) Cuckoo Clock.

Cat Clock

Pawssibly our cutest clock of all, this furry timekeeper doesn't tick, tock, ding, dong, or chime -- it meows.

A simply purrfect way to track time.