Audible Clock

Turn your Alexa device into any one of a variety of audible clocks

Featured Clocks

New! Check out the "Can I (re)start a clock with an Alexa Routine?" section of our FAQ for a great tip on how to keep your Alexa ticking.

Cuckoo Clock

No list of audible clocks would be complete without this fan favorite.

We present to you the fun, the irreverent, the classic (if not classy) Cuckoo Clock.

Elevator Clock

A no-frills clock that simply dings once every hour. (No Musak here.)

Going Up?

Holiday Clock

This special clock changes with the season.

Ever wonder what a baby ostrich or penguin chick sounds like? Run this clock and find out. Baby animals help call out each hour.

Celebrate spring with the sounds of baby animals.