Audible Clock

Turn your Alexa device into any one of a variety of audible clocks

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Featured Clocks

Holiday Clock

This special clock changes with the season.

Bring a bit of holiday cheer to your house with this musical timekeeper. A verse from The Twelve Days of Christmas rings in each hour -- starting with a partridge (in a pear tree, of course) announcing 1 o'clock, building all the way up to twelve drummers (drumming, of course) at noon/midnight.

Happy Holidays!

Stephen Hawking

Is there anyone better at navigating space-time?

Bracket Clock

Originating in the 17th and 18th centuries, bracket clocks are not only beautiful to look at, they have a beautiful chime sound often resembling a music box.

To enjoy one, you could visit an antique clock shop... or... ask Audible Clock to play one for you!