Getting Started

How to get Audible Clock running on your Alexa

Enabling Audible Clock

Audible Clock is free to use and easy to enable. To enable the skill, simply do one of the following:

    1. Click here and then click the Enable button -or-
    2. Say to your Alexa, "Alexa, enable the Audible Clock skill" -or-
    3. Open the Alexa app, select Skills & Games from the menu, search for Audible Clock, and then select Enable

If you are still having trouble, please visit Amazon's help page for more information about enabling and managing Alexa skills.

Note that Audible Clock is currently only available on Alexa devices set to English (United States). As Amazon adds support for skills with in-skill-purchases to other regions, we hope to expand Audible Clock to those regions as well.

How to Use

Once enabled, just say, "Alexa, open Audible Clock" to start the skill. Alexa will explain the skill and ask you which clock you want to use. Answer with the clock name (such as, "grandfather clock") to start it running.

NOTE: This skill works like a long playlist or one of the many "sleep sounds" skills, so you can easily (even accidentally) stop it by asking Alexa to "stop." In fact, if you ask Alexa to play a song or open a streaming "sleep sounds" or "relaxing sounds" skill, Audible Clock will stop so Alexa can play the song or sleep sounds instead. Audible Clock is also easy to restart, of course: just say "Alexa, open Audible Clock" or tell it which clock you want to listen to when you open the skill...

Starting a Clock

"Alexa, ask Audible Clock for a mantle clock"

Stopping a Clock

"Alexa, stop"

A Virtual Clock Shop

To find out what clocks are available, simply ask Audible Clock for a list of clocks.

"Alexa, ask Audible Clock for a list of clocks"

Or, visit our Clock List page to see our most recent inventory (we are always adding new clocks, so check back now and then).

Audible clocks are grouped into the following categories:

    • Traditional - such as a grandfather or cuckoo clock
    • Talking - clocks that speak the time
    • Musical - clocks that announce the time with music
    • Animal - clocks that announce the time with animal sounds
    • Premium - special clocks you can purchase*

Some clocks fall into multiple categories. For example, Big Ben is both a Traditional clock and a Premium clock.

Finding a Clock

"Alexa, ask Audible Clock for traditional clocks"

Shopping for Clocks

"Alexa, ask Audible Clock for premium clocks"

*If you choose a premium clock, you are told how much it will cost and asked to confirm the purchase. You are never charged for just asking about a premium clock. If you decide to purchase the clock and you confirm the charge, the payment is made via the payment method attached to your Amazon account. To learn more about purchasing items via Alexa, please visit this help page.

How it Ticks

Audible Clocks are like really long playlists. Imagine you asked Alexa to stream your favorite radio station or Amazon Music's '80s Dance Party playlist. Well, Audible Clock is like that, only it's quiet most of the time -- speaking up only every quarter hour to let you know what time it is.

Stopping the Clock

Because Audible Clock is like a playlist, there are many things you can do to stop it. First and foremost, saying "stop" (of course!). While you might not remember you had a clock running, your Alexa does. So, saying something like, "Alexa, stop" will indeed stop the clock. Here is a brief list of events that will stop your clock:

  • Disruptions such as a lost WiFi connection (unfortunately, this is very common) or unplugging your Echo
  • Asking Alexa to play something else, such as a podcast, radio station, song, or playlist
  • Hitting your Echo's pause/play button
  • Saying "stop" or "pause"

Restarting the Clock

If you said "stop" or "pause," you have a few minutes to say "resume" to get the clock going again. Otherwise, you simply have to restart the clock the old-fashioned way: Say, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock for a grandfather clock" (or whatever clock you want).

Make Your Own

With Echos often costing less than $25, there's not much reason you can't buy one as a dedicated Audible Clock...

Designer Clock

...and hide it inside a Lego Big Ben, a broken mantle clock, a grandfather clock your kids built out of cardboard, or...

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Just activate the Echo, launch Audible Clock, start the clock of your choice, and then hit the Echo's microphone mute button so it can't be interrupted.

Questions, Ideas, Compliments?

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