Traditional Clocks

Clocks you've no doubt heard of (and heard)

Big Ben

Enjoy the majestic sounds of the world's most famous clock.

Located in London's iconic Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben was named after the clock tower's Great Bell that chimes the hour with its massive booming ring.

Cuckoo Clock

No list of audible clocks would be complete without this fan favorite.

We present to you the fun, the irreverent, the classic (if not classy) Cuckoo Clock.

Grandfather Clocks

From the epic melody of Ave Maria to the succinct sounds of Bim Bam chimes, we have an amazing selection of grandfather clocks to choose from.

Click here for a complete list.

Mantle Clock

This traditional old mantle clock plays the Westminster chimes to ring in each quarter hour.

Subtle, musical, calming... like good friend.

Ship's Bell

Turn Alexa into a ship’s bell. A ship’s bell starts at one bell and counts up every half hour to eight bells.

The use of bells to mark the time at sea started as early as the 15th century. A ship’s bell tracks the "watches" on board a ship. A new watch starts at noon, 4 pm, 8 pm, midnight, 4 am, and 8 am. The end of one watch and start of the next watch is marked by the bell being struck eight times.

"Eight bells and all's well."