Special Clocks

Sing, toot, shred, or howl, these clocks announce the time in their own unique way

Close Encounters

Communicate with aliens at the top of each hour.

Elevator Clock

A no-frills clock that simply dings once every hour.  (No Musak here.)

Going Up?

Guitar Clock

Screaming guitar rocks this clock.  Thunderous power chords count out the hour.

Alexa, turn it up to 11!

Hickory Dickory Dock

The beloved Mother Goose rhyme put to music.  A chorus of children sing the lyrics while a calming voice follows to announce the time of day. 

Great for both kids and the young at heart.

Holiday Clock

This special clock changes with the season.

Ever wonder what a baby ostrich or penguin chick sounds like? Run this clock and find out. Baby animals help call out each hour.

Celebrate spring with the sounds of baby animals.

Train Clock

Hear a different train every hour on the hour.  Steam engines, diesel engines, bells, whistles, and the occasional clackity clack of the tracks.

All aboard!