Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked Audible Clock questions.

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What makes the clock stop?

Because Audible Clock is like playing a really (really, really!) long playlist on your Echo, anything that stops streaming audio will also stop your clock. Common clock-stopping events include:

A hiccup in your in your WiFi is the mostly likely reason your clock would stop unexpectedly.  So, unless your WiFi Internet connection is extremely reliable, you will have to restart the clock every now and then.

To restart the clock, you simply have to say "Alexa, ask audible clock for the last clock" (or specify whatever new clock you want to start).  Or, you can set up a Routine to start (or stop) the clock at a certain time each day.  See the Can I start a clock on a schedule section below for more information.

How can I tell if the clock is running?

Because Audible clock is silent most of the time, you can't always tell if it's running.  Other than waiting for the next chime, one easy way to check if your Audible Clock is still going is to put your ear near your Echo and turn up the volume.  You'll hear a subtle ticking sound if it's still going.

On Echo devices with a screen, you can also swipe down on the screen to see what's "Now Playing."  If Audible Clock is still going, you'll see the current time displayed along with the selected clock's icon.

How do I keep the clock running?  I want it to run forever!

Other than improving your WiFi service, the best way to ensure the clock keeps ticking is to press your Echo's microphone mute button (located on the top of the device) so it will ignore any commands that might interrupt it. In fact, with Echos often selling for less than $25, many people purchase one to use as a dedicated Audible Clock. For even more fun, they make their own designer clock by hiding this Echo inside something -- say, a Lego Big Ben, an old broken mantle clock, or a grandfather clock the kids made out of cardboard.

You can also have Alexa automatically start/restart Audible Clock via a Routine...

Can I start a clock on a schedule?

Yes!  And, this is also a fantastic way to keep things ticking if your Alexa has trouble reliably maintaining the clock's audio stream.

To begin, start your favorite Audible Clock by saying something like, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock for Big Ben" and tell it how frequently you want it to chime. Now, when launched by an Alexa Routine, Audible clock will start this last clock using the chime frequency you just specified. The key here is to select Skills->Your Skills->Audible Clock as a Routine action. Do not choose "Custom" as the Routine action.

For example, click on this link to set up an Alexa Routine that starts the clock every morning at 9 am: https://alexa.amazon.com/routines/shared/TqE4jkavQbeb246bv-Y3MQ

You can change the start time to something other than 9am before you save the Routine, of course. You can also set up as many of these Routines as you like -- one for morning, noon, and night, if you think it best.

If Alexa asks you what clock you want after being launched by a Routine, please answer its questions so it will remember which clock and chime frequency you like best. Once this is done, it shouldn't ask again when launched by a Routine. Note that you can also access this clock verbally by saying, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock for the last clock."

Can I stop a clock (set a "quiet time") for a clock?

Yes, you can automatically stop a clock on any of your Echos based on a schedule of your choosing using Alexa Routines.  For example, here is a link to a Routine that stops the clock 10 pm: https://alexa.amazon.com/routines/shared/_r8qjheyTtmx7tf9h6MDZw 

I can hear the clock.  Can I see it?

If you own an Echo device with a screen, such as the Echo Show, Audible Clock displays the current time along with an image of the selected clock.  If the "screen blanker" has kicked in, you'll have to swipe down and select "Now Playing" to bring up the clock screen again.

How often do the clocks chime?

The Train, Bim Bam, and Bird Song clocks chime only once per hour while the Ship's Bell rings every 30 minutes, as is the tradition at sea.  Most of the other clocks chime every quarter hour, though you can tell them to chime every half hour or hour, if you prefer.  Before starting a clock that can chime every 15 minutes, Audible Clock will ask you if you'd prefer it chimed every half hour or hour.

How do I set the time?

You don't have to!  If your Alexa tells the correct time when you ask her ("Alexa, what time is it?"), Audible Clock should as well.

If for some reason the time is incorrect, check to make sure you properly set your device location in the Alexa app.  See this help page for more information.

The time is off by almost a minute, can I fine tune it?

Like an old grandfather clock, Audible Clock can drift a bit (it's part of its charm!), but only by seconds.  Audible Clock is always readjusting itself, however, so you should never find it off by more than a minute.  If you do, then you might have to check your device location settings (see this help page for more information).

Can I get a list of all the new clocks?

Yes, just say, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock for new clocks."  We add new clocks about every month.

Can I get a list of all the free clocks?

Say, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock for free clocks" for a list of all the free clocks.

Can I get a list of all the premiums clocks?

Yes, just say, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock for premium clocks."

Premium clocks are available with an All Access Pass subscription.  Say, "Alexa, ask Audible Clock about the All Access Pass" to learn more. You are never charged for just asking about a subscription.

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